Day 5 Wed 28/11 Traralgon Rest Day

Nice to have a bit of a sleep in and a relaxed start to the day. Trevor had no back brakes on yesterday’s descent so had booked it in for service – along with half the other bikes on the ride. Neither chain lube nor brake pads can be had for any money. Did the normal clothes washing and wandering around town routines for a rest day. While I admit Traralgon did put a bit of effort into welcoming us it still would not be my first choice for a rest day town.

In the afternoon the sun finally reappeared so I got both the solar chargers to work and finally got around to cleaning the worst of the gunk off my bike – only to discover a broken spoke. Took it over to get it fixed and told it would take till the morning, but got it back in a couple of hours – before Trevor who was NOT impressed.

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