Day 3 Mon 26/11. Briagalong – Rosedale

Overcast morning and almost cool enough to ride with a vest. Free bacon and egg roll day today for racv members, gave mine to Trevor. Pretty much flat ride through to Maffra apart from one easy climb that was followed by a great fast descent on wonderfully smooth road. Trying to drizzle but never really got going.

Stocked up at the bakery as eggs were on the agenda again with egg salad on the menu for lunch. Pleasant enough riding through to lunch spot on lake glenmaggie. Now yesterday there had been a major problem with lunch – biscuits and no cheese. Another effort like that and I would seriously consider chucking it in. However, when I elected not to take the egg sandwich they took pity on me and gave me TWO packs of bickies and cheese. These little things become very important when you’re out and about for a week.

By the time I left the lake the sun had come out and it quickly warmed up again. Again the riding was ok without being anything special – no amount of marketing spin is going to convince me that the Gippsland plains are what you could call exciting, but rode along talking to someone for a fair portion of it which at least made it pass pretty quickly. One last steep little climb then got to rocket downhill on a partly closed Princes Hwy into camp. Once more have got a tentsite with a bit of privacy – even if the ground does shake occasionally when a large truck barrels along the highway next door.

They’ve been carrying on for the whole ride about the BIG announcement tomorrow night – the 2013 route. Now I’m always excited to hear where we’ll be going next year – except when it involves boring flat country up near the Murray – and I know it will be the 30th ride, but with this sort of build up I’m starting to think anywhere this side of the equator will be something of a let down.

The big hill climb tomorrow – looking forward to what should be a great days ride.

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