Post Ride Day 4 Thur 1/3. Tauranga – Whitianga

No surprise to wake up to the familliar sign of rain but eventually the sun came back out and turned into a sunny day.  Had spotted a likely looking coffee spot last night so headed there for the heart starter then off to have a look around the Coromandel.  Pretty slow going with winding roads and plenty of excursions to have a look at little inlets and bays.  While the rain had gone the wind was ferocious, and plenty of times the little mazda wanted to get airborne – not the day to be driving a high topped camper. Stopped in at Hot Water Bay – where you can dig down into the sand at low tide and make your own bath from hot springs – but tide was full so headed on to Whitianga.

After a wander around town and once again butting up against New Zealand weird early closing routines for cafes – getting a coffee after 3.30 in the afternoon has probably been the greatest challenge of the entire 3 weeks.  Finished up on the beach for a final dinner of Tarakihi and Kumara chips.

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