Post Ride Day 2 Tue 28/2. Taupo – Napier – Taupo – Rotorua

Now in the first few days over here I managed to lose my Kindle – had given up on it some time back but this morning in a rare moment of clarity I remembered using it several days after I originally thought I lost it.  Rang the motel in Napier where I now remembered using it and sure enough they had it waiting there for me.  Hadn’t been able to decide what to do today anyway so a 3 and a half hour round trip didn’t seem too bad. Was very intent in checking out this morning that I didn’t leave any other little items behind here – and in doing so managed to leave the thermarest – just about the largest item I’m travelling with – in the room.  Thankfully the owner rang me before I’d even had coffee so could go back and get it.  Scary to think what I’ll be like when I get older and the mental faculties start to go!

So it was back on the road to Napier – thankfully much of the trip is pretty spectacular.  Picked up the Kindle and tried to find another way to head for Rotorua without returning the way I just came, but there and back was really the only option.  By half way back to Taupo the rain had returned – so glad I was in the mountains yesterday.  Quite cold and dismal in Taupo and headed toward Rotorua with a sense of Deja Vu as the rain bucketed down – the little car was trying to aquaplane every once in a while – glad I wasn’t out riding in this – once was enough.  The one real highlight for the day was a quick sidetrip to Huka Falls just out of Taupo.  This is where the Waikato River leaves Lake Taupo by carving a narrow channel through rock walls and has created a stunning set of cascades in the process.

Had picked a holiday park cabin to stay at on outskirts of Rotorua ( had originally planned to camp this evening but that plan is long gone) but when I got there found that 7pm was bedtime around here and couldn’t check in at such a late time, so returned to motel row on the way into town until I found a cheap one.  Some days are sensational and some days just come and go.

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