Day 8 Sat 25/2. Okoroire – Whakamaru. 79 km 700m vertical?

A little rain overnight but the big tree above me kept most of the tent dry.  Actually cool enough this morning to need to choose which layers to wear and it stayed cool all day – lovely.  Maintained the tradition of getting away much later than planned and really feeling those extra wines like lead weights in the legs.  Had some climbs right from the start, and a particularly brutal one as we dodged around the highway that runs through Tirau.  Had a coffee there and then basically the whole day on quiet roads – not a log truck to be seen.  LOTS of littles rises and falls and nothing much in the way of flats to just get rolling on.  And although the wind was cooling it was also in your face for much of the day, but I’ll still take that over sweat running down your face.  Lovely riding without being spectacular, though there were some great rock outcrops in places.

Took forever to get to luch which was over 50 km in today, then after that more climbing – again nothing too steep but wearying.  FInally came around a downhill bend to face a set of traffic lights at the spillway, with the camp nestling below some pretty dramatic hills on the other side of the lake.  Even though It was well into the afternoon managed to get myself a lakeside camp spot – a bit of a slope but I’ll take that.  The memories of the cow paddock camp are thankfully well and truly fading now.  Wandered back over the spillway for some photos, had the first cider of the day and got this up to date (well apart from photos of course!).

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