Day 7 Fri 24/2 Somewhere near Rotorua – Okoroire 46km, 350m vertical

Writing this a day late and its faded into the background a bit, but a dry night and a sunny morning saw the camp in much better state – though the cow turds were still ever present.  Had managed to get pretty much everything dry excet the riding shoes, but at least they were no longer spurting water from every opening.  Had a steady climb of about 250m to start the day but after that it was pretty much down hill for the rest of the day – a thankfully short one.  Didn’t stop at the rest area and only a quick stop at lunch, and even with a relaxed start was into Okororie by midday.  We were staying below the hotel and actually camping on the golf course so could pretty much camp anywhere.  Found a spot with afternoon shade and a bit of tree cover a long way from anyone, but it didn’t take long for others to see the merits of the site.  Had some squid and a pint of clear cider at the hotel for a second lunch and basically the afternoon just sort of disappeared.

Because we were at the hotel there was no bar in Cafe tonight, so had to buy a bottle of Sauv Blanc and take it back down to dinner.  Because most of the others at our table were drinking red I ended up drinking pretty much all of it.  There was a band on at the pub but between yesterdays exertions and todays drinking I decided to get horizontal instead.

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