Day 31 – Mariposa – Yosemite – Monterey

Back into Yosemite and drove up to Badger Pass. Only a half day left here and not enough time for the trip to Glacier Point, but once again not feeling enthused about any skiing so the final chance for a last ski had come and gone. Back down to the valley for more wandering and photos, then reluctantly left the park at lunchtime, stopping at Mariposa to fuel up on coffee and strip down to lightweight pants – no thermals or ski pants for the first time on the trip!

Headed on down into the San Joaquin valley – in fog as it always seems to be, which is a good way of hiding just how boring and flat it is – and managed to get lost yet again as Hwy 140 just seemed to disappear in the middle of town. After a bit of guesswork got back on track and pushed it through the afternoon and made it to the coast near Monterey just in time so see the surf in the last of the daylight. At least I was hoping it was Monterey – the sea fog had rolled in and I couldn’t see much at all on the final approach. Had cancelled the Motel 6 backup in the hope of finding something both comfortable and affordable downtown, but it all looked pretty pricey, so headed back to the strip of motels a few minutes drive from downtown, checked in then drove back and had a fantastic seafood linguine. Only one more day to go and I’m just about stuffed.

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