Day 29 Tue 3/1. LAX – MEL

Update Wed morning – all photos for final week now loaded.  As for video …..

The Canadian lady on the window seat and I were both relieved when we realised that we had an empty seat between us.  I had been dreading spending this amount of time in a plane with a bung leg – actually I’m never much of a fan of it – but it really wasn’t too bad.  Managed a solid block of 2 or 3 hours sleep and several dozing sessions, and I actually arrived feeling better than when I departed.  After spending 20 minutes on the tarmac at LA waiting to be allowed to leave, we now spent 20 minutes at Melbourne waiting for a gate to become available – was able to catch up on texts, emails, reading The Age online ….

Finally we get a gate then wait another 10 minutes until quarrantine announce we can actually get off the plane.  Of course, I was 5 rows from the rear so it was another 10 minutes before I actually could get off.  At this rate the cool change will reach home before I do.  I would normally figure on making up a bit of ground on the long walk through the entire terminal system to get to customs but not today. Grabbed the duty free DOM, queued for quite some time for Customs and was then told – I’m sorry we cant accept this form because you filled it in with a purple pen – i.e a pen with purple ink!  I mean who sells pens with PURPLE ink to colour blind people like me.  I was told that after I had headed to the benches (at the back of the customs hall of course) and filled in a new form I would not have to queue again, but by that time there was virtually no queue.  The one positive of the whole experience was that I could actually bear weight on the leg occasionally and it was starting to feel like it might not be too bad.

Good News – ski bag was already waiting for me at oversize.  Bad news – the queues to get OUT of baggage claim were long and disorganised.  Felt like an eternity when finally passed through the wailing wall and back into the real world.  Had already spoken to Trevor and told him I wouldn’t need the crutches but they still wanted me to use them (for their own enjoyment rather than my comfort) but I declined, and enjoyed the chauffered trip back to Newport as we discussed the differences in driving between USA and Vietnam.


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