Day 28 Sun 1/1. Cedar City – LAX

Happy New Year!

Either I’m getting more used to lurching and stumbling or the knee is feeling a tiny less useless this morning. Managed to squeeze just about everything into the bags and after sveral trips on the elevator – stairs were still definitely out of the question – was off and running on the last leg.  Lovely sunny day and a tad below zero early but warmed up as the day went on.  Did 4 states in one day today and Arizona definitely won the scenery stakes even if it had the shortest distance covered.  I had vague memories of a spectacular canyon when driving from Las Vegas to Utah on the first visit there some time back and the Virgin River Canyon was as impressive as I remembered.

Quiet on the road till Vegas but it all changed after that.  LOTS of people heading back toward LA and the slightest hiccup would cause the traffic to bank back for miles.  First off there was an agricultural check station – although they seemed to be waving everyone through it caused traffic slowdowns for 30 minutes.  Fairly steady till approaching San Bernadino where someone decided to flip their car and trailer just where I15 and I215 split and there goes another half hour lost in crawling traffic. The drive along I10 was almost relaxing by comparison and LA was trying to get me acclimatised to OZ temps, soaring into the mid to high 20’s. So although I had plenty of time up my sleeve my planned sunset at Malibu was once again thwarted, though I didn’t let it stop me stumbling onto the beach to splash the toes in the Pacific.

Dropped the car off, took the shuttle to the terminal and having done an online check in was through in 60 seconds with no questions on bag weight or size yet again – just how much could I get away with? – I shudder to think. After sparkling and calamari headed through customs and most relieved to find that the moving walkways were in operation – particularly since I’d managed to go in the entry FURTHEST from the gate I was heading for.  Emailed Robyn that maybe I wouldn’t need the crutches after all.  Grabbed an extremely forgettable coffee and settled in with the rest of the great unwashed as we waited to be hearded aboard.


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