Day 27 Sat 31/12 Ogden – Alta – Cedar City 900 m (64400 total)

Oh well, I guess it could have happened on day 1 ….

Good to see that now I’ve left Targhee they get 20 cm of fresh DRY snow after the last couple of days of wet muck.  A little overnight at Alta and nothing much at Powder and with the temps over the last few days figured Powder may have been wet, so headed for Alta for the 84th and final on snow day for the year. Light flurries higher up on the drive in and classic Alta morning – snowing lightly and sunny.  Took one run down from top of Sugarloaf – like white concrete at the top but a bit more pleasant further down – so stopped for a morning tea while waiting to see if they opened a bit more terrain.

Up Sugarloaf again and even though Ballroom was closed Collins Return and Rock n Roll were now open.  Almost headed toward Collins in the hope that Ballroom may open pretty soon but decided to try Rock N Roll instead.


They say in space no-one can hear you scream but someone would have heard me!  Had only done a half dozen turns down the ridiculously hard packed trail from the top when I skidded out.  As I crashed back on head and bum the left ski behaved as per expected and skidded out from under me, but the right leg had a mind of its own and seemed hell bent on continuing on in its initial direction.  As it tried to re-stablish contact with the snow my knee hper extended and I let losse with a scream of equal parts pain and fear at the damage I’d just done.  Gingerly got to my feet and could put very little weight on it, but after a couple of minutes convinced myself I could JUST get down the hill- the longets run ever.

Finally made it back to base with no thoughts of pushing my luck any further.  A last bit of retail therapy, a final soaking in of the amazing views here and gingerly drove back down to Salt Lake.  Got out of the car and could barely walk – what fun.  Had a couple of stops including the one and only visit this trip to Salt Lake Roasting then it was time to start the long haul home.  Driving was pretty uncomfortable and probably wouldn’t have been possible without cruise control.  In original plans had planned last night in Cedar City to allow night skiing New Years Eve at Brial Head and an achievable distance for last days drive.  While the skiing had long since dropped off the agenda it still seemed like a good place to aim for.  Pretty quiet drive and and made it my about 7.30 and kept up a new years eve tradition by booking into a spa suite.  Emailed Robyn to have the crutches on hand in the car when they pick me up.

So a night of packing, icing my knee, soaking in the spa followed by an all day drive and a 15 hour plane flight with a leg that doesn’t want to bend, straighten or bear weight.  Yep, sounds like New Years Eve to me.

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